Who Knew?

Q. I’m looking for copies of your Funnel Theory Diagrams. Where can I get them?
A. Click here to download the power point

Q. I’d like to listen to one of your firesides. Is there a recording I can download?

A. Most firesides are 50 minutes long, so click here to view three excerpts from a recent presentation

Youth Conference Q&A

At a recent Youth Conference the audience was given an opportunity to ask questions.  After having listened to an hour-long presentation they came up with another hour’s worth of questions.  Here are some of the more interesting ones, along with my response:

Q.  What can you do when you first meet someone and you automatically like them?

The answer to this question can be found in my article, “No Such Thing as Falling I Love?” published by Meridian Magazine

Q.  If a girl asks a guy on a date is the girl supposed to pay?

It would be a bit awkward to ask a guy on a date and also ask him to pay.  I recommend doing things that don’t cost money, or going “dutch” treat where each person pays for himself.  When a guy pays, too often he feels entitled to exclusivity, which is exactly what we don’t want with casual dating.

Q.  What if you’re dating a non-member and it’s casual.  Wouldn’t it look like you’re making them a project?

You don’t have to go steady to prove you sincerely care about someone.  If you sincerely care about someone you will remain friends, whether or not they accept the gospel.  The chances of remaining friends with someone with whom you’re shared the gospel as a friend is infinitely greater than staying friends with someone with whom you’ve gone steady and then you broke up.

Disconcerting Questions

The following are questions that I felt were addressed in the initial presentation, but if you feel they need further clarification, let me know.

Q.  What do you do if a girl likes you but you don’t like her as seriously as she does?

Q.  What do you do when you like someone and you want to move right into a serious relationship?

Q.  Why can’t guys go on fun casual group dates without turning it into something more serious?

Q.  How can you hint to a girl/guy that you would like to go on a date with them?

Q.  How do you become friends with different gender friends?

Q.  What if you know someone who got married when they were 16 and the guy was 19 and it was after three months?

Q.  Is it okay to text a girl to ask her out on a casual date?

Q.  Is it okay to hold hands as friends?  Is that giving the wrong message in casual dating? (YES!)

Q.  How do you explain to a non-member friend that you can’t go to a dance with because your’e not 16?

Q.  Is it all right to give you date a goodnight kiss after a double date?  (see why I’m disconcerted?)

Q.  What if you have a serious relationship with a non-member?  Is that bad?

Q.  You have had a crush on this person for a few years and now you’re both 16 and this crush asks you out on a date.  You have already had emotional feelings for a while.  What do you do?